Self Managed Home Care Packages in NSW

There is no place like home, and this is often the best place to live out your later years. However, as you get older, you may struggle to cope with living independently. With home care packages in NSW, you can continue to live happily at home and your family can be comforted knowing that you are getting all the help you need.
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How to Find Out if You Qualify for a Home Care Package in NSW

With self managed home care packages, you can use your funding to access the care you need. This also means that you can choose to appoint DANS. to provide your care and support.

With a comprehensive range of services available, DANS is a great choice for your healthcare provider. What’s more, we can even help you to access your home care package.

You will be assessed by the Aged Care Assessment Team to determine if you qualify for a health care package and the level that you are entitled to. Once approved, you will be placed on a national waiting list.

If you are on the waiting list, DANS can still provide you with the care you need while you are waiting, and this can be privately funded. We work with you to assess how we can best support you.

Home Care Packages to Suit Your Needs

DANS can also become your care provider even if you are with another care provider and you are not happy with the care you or your loved one is receiving. Should this be the case, contact My Aged Care for your reference number and we can liaise with your current provider to transfer your funds.

Once you have a new home care agreement with DANS, we can begin caring for you.

What Self Managed Home Care Packages can DANS Provide?

DANS can be there to provide the clinical nursing services you might need, along with helping with day to day tasks. All of this contributes to you having a comfortable environment that means you can remain to live in the best place for you and maintain your independence.

We can also liaise on your behalf and help you to access other services from allied healthcare professionals as part of your health care package, such as physiotherapists and podiatrists.

We treat each of our clients as an individual, so you can be sure that we will work with you to provide the right care for you.

Questions About Our Home Care Packages in NSW?

If you would like DANS to become your care provider, you can choose to use your home care package funding to access our services.

With nearly 20 years of experience, our care and support have allowed over 5000 people to remain in their familiar and comfortable environment. We come highly recommended by family and friends, as well as healthcare professionals.

Contact us today for more information about how our services can be used with your home care package or to tell us more about your needs and let us tell you how we can support you.
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Incredible service that has consistently exceeded our family’s expectations. Life changing.

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Exceptional service provided when needed. Would highly recommend DANS to anyone who may require the assistance from a family member in need.

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