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Nursing clinical care

Learn more about our team of private nurses and at home nursing services for the elderly and those post-hospital.

Home care nursing and how we can help you at DANS

Private in-home care and nursing can offer you greater comfort knowing you have skilled and specialised nurses assisting you or your loved one. Whether it be short term home nursing (post operation) or longer-term management of chronic conditions and age – private in-home nursing and clinical care offers you one to one support.

Difference between personal care and home care nursing

At DANS we offer both nurses and professional care support. For those needing home care nursing in Dubbo (and surrounding areas), we have registered nurses ready to assist and visit you or your loved ones. Our registered nurses are able to administer treatment and advice, assisting with the management of chronic illness and care relating to the elderly.

Benefits of private in-home nursing in Dubbo

Our registered nurses come directly to your home. There is no need for you or your loved ones to travel to a doctor’s office or hospital for basic medical support and nursing. The convenience, comfort and ease of our in-home nurses ensures you receive the best possible treatment.

What areas do DANS service with private at home nursing?

We have registered nurses and caregiving team members capable of assisting those in Dubbo, Orange, Wellington, Geurie, Narromine and Gilgandra. Feel free to call us to discuss your private nursing needs and how we may be able to assist you.