In Home Care Providers in NSW

From time to time, we could all use a little extra help. You might be elderly, and life has become more of a struggle, but you would like to remain at home. Or perhaps you are struggling to care for a loved one yourself and you could use a helping hand?

At DANS, we pride ourselves on being the best in home care providers in NSW, that enables you or your loved one to get the most from their life, along with being happy and healthy.
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In-home care that works for you

When looking for home care providers in NSW, you want to know that you or your loved one are in the best hands. DANS staff are trained to provide the best possible care and give you or your loved one the dignity and respect they deserve.

As we have no set contracts, we can provide the care you need as and when you need it. This could be for the short-term while recovering from an illness or injury, casual care to allow respite for carers or ongoing care. No matter what you need, DANS can create a care package that works for you and your family.

Our services can include clinical nursing care, domestic assistance, private care and personal care.

Our clinical nursing services can include health checks, managing burns and wound care, along with supporting specific health needs, such as diabetes management. Our clinical nurses can also oversee any other care that you or your loved one is receiving at home and they can liaise with other healthcare givers.

Your Local Home Care Providers in NSW

DANS staff can also provide you or your loved one with personal care to keep them clean and comfortable. This can include services such as personal grooming, oral care and continence management, along with a lot more.

What’s more, we can also help out throughout the home, keeping it clean and dust-free. For those who are elderly or disabled, managing the daily tasks of running a home can become difficult and it is good to know that there is someone who can come in and help to keep it looking its best and be a healthy environment to live in.

With the right in home care, your loved one can stay at home and remain independent.

Along with providing help within the home, DANS can also work within a nursing home setting to provide extra help for your loved one.

Contact us today for in-home care

If you or your loved one are living in NSW and you are looking for in home care, DANS can provide tailor-made care services to suit your needs and allow them to comfortably live their life.

With nearly 20 years of experience in this community, we have been trusted by thousands to help their loved one and allowing them to stay at home where they feel comfortable. What’s more, we have been recommended by other health care professionals, so you can be sure that you loved one is receiving the best in home care.

Should you have any further questions, you can contact our team on 02 6885 6407. We look forward to working with you.
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The DANS staff are excellent, friendly and always on time. My carer (who is the same every time) is conscientious, and has a desire to do her job properly and with pride.

Patricia Turner

Exceptional service provided when needed. Would highly recommend DANS to anyone who may require the assistance from a family member in need.

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