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In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, more now than ever, it is is important to put our health at the forefront.

Commencing and continuing home care and nursing support services in your home, is neccesary to remain independent and healthy.

Please view the Department of Health factsheet on why it is safe to have homecare services.

What D.A.N.S. Inhome Care are doing to ensure your care is safe

Sign up and Reviews

We are conducting over the phone and telehealth assessments, reviews and signups with our clinical and management team.

We understand that you want to limit your face-to-face visits until COVID-19 is all over, our Care Manager's look forward to visiting you then!

Screening Calls prior to Service

Each staff member will call you just before providing service to confirm you and they do not have any COVID-19 symptoms. Any staff with symptoms will not be working during this period and will be instructed to self -isolate until a test result returns negative.

Same great Customer Care

Whilst our office is closed and all administration staff are working from home, we are still maintaining regular work hours. You can be confident knowing that you will still receive the same level of care and support that we have provided over the past 20 years.

Thinking outside the box when it comes to care

We have caring and supportive care staff that are able to provide services to allow you to remain independent. Let us assist with:

  • Doing the grocery shopping and dropping it to your door;
  • Doing the garden and maintenance work;
  • Organise telehealth and socially distanced allied health consults through your home care package
  • Assistive technology and equipment through your homecare package (such as mobility aids).