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Home Care Geurie (Nursing, Aged Care and Independent Living)

DANS specialise in private nursing care in your own home in Geurie. With the correct nursing care, you or your loved one can live independently at home in an environment that is familiar.

Our team of registered nurses and care managers can assist those in Geurie (NSW) and have done so for 10+ years. DANS offer support for the elderly (via aged care nursing and assistance), the disabled and those who need at home nursing in Geurie after leaving hospital.

About DANS and our history in Geurie (NSW)

We are a locally run and owned business with 20 years of experience. Ranging from holistic care management, in home nursing to domestic household assistance, we cater to our clients’ needs with no locked-in contracts and can adapt our support services to meet your specific ask.

Our team is comprised of registered nurses and case managers (care managers we often refer to them as). Our approach to looking after you or your loved ones in Geurie is to spend the time upfront to assess needs, support frameworks and health requirements. Our care managers can then design a customised approach to managing your independent living needs to assist with staying at home longer in familiar surroundings.

A summary of our typical clients and their needs:

While our nursing and domestic services can be used by all, there are three types of clients we often work with:

People with general nursing and support needs

If you’ve recently had an operation, or require regular in-home nursing, our registered mobile nurses are able to come directly to your home to assist with rehabilitation and health management after you transition from hospital. Whether it be managing wounds, applying dressings, managing chronic illness or diabetes, our team work to manage this and assist with recovery.

People who need aged care assistance at home

End-to-end aged care nursing in Geurie and domestic assistance. Whether it be palliative care, domestic assistance or aged care nursing for specific conditions, our team with 20+ years of experience are qualified to assist the elderly to retain independence, dignity and do so with a smile.

People with a disability requiring nursing and/or domestic support

Assisting those who are disabled or handicapped, the team at DANS are experienced in designing independent living support frameworks for those with a disability in Geurie. Our approach factors in challenges and health requirements, so that a care plan can be created to assist with overcoming common challenges for those with a disability.

How we assist clients in Geurie, NSW

The most common at home care services we can assist with are:

Clinical nursing services in Geurie (NSW)

This includes (but is not limited to):

Nursing care for anyone at home in the Geurie area

Private nursing to help manage at home care needs. Occasionally the public nursing system can be overwhelming; we can work to give you the level of care you need, while managing any Government assistance you may be eligible for. Our private nursing team can assist with tailoring a home care package to your requirements, taking the hassle out of receiving at home nursing and care.

We assign you your own case manager

You will have a case manager assigned to your needs, to create a unique and tailored plan to support your nursing and domestic assistance needs. When assigning a care manager, we factor in personality and how you would like to work with us, ensuring a sound personality fit for you or your loved ones at home.

We manage your transition from hospital back to your home

Transition care, or post-hospital nursing is one of our specialties. Our mobile nurses can visit you or your loved ones at regular intervals to ensure after discharge from hospital your health needs are met. We come directly to your home and can assist with medication management, chronic illness, wound care and many other aspects of home nursing.

Other types of support we offer in Geurie (NSW)

While we suggest you call us to discuss your needs, some of the other ways we can assist with independent living include:

Personal care and help at home

Personal care needs such as showering, getting dressed, moving from each room and using the toilet; these are but some of the personal care services we can assist with to further extended independence.

Gardening, housekeeping and general assistance

We understand that as you get older, staying on top of basic housekeeping and home maintenance can be testing. To provide you with comfort, and to allow us to help focus on your health, we can holistically manage your general assistance needs via our network of professionals. No job is too small and we can assist with items such as housekeeping, home cleaning, garden care and more.

Respite care at home

Respite care is an often-overlooked service that can greatly assist you and your loved ones manage ongoing at home care needs. D.A.N.S. can offer ad-hoc respite care or regular respite care to your care plan; this can give everyone involved a small break from the day-to-day management of one’s in-home care needs. Furthermore, we can assist with sleep over care and assistance throughout the night.

Our local knowledge of Geurie, NSW makes it easier for you

With a strong network of allied health professionals, DANS not only provides private nursing in your home, but can connect you with the specialist you require. To learn more, simply call us on (02) 6885 6407 and we would be happy to help.