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Home Nursing Wellington (incl. In Home Care & Aged Care)

Our team of nurses and care managers can assist those in Wellington (NSW) and have been doing so for over 10 years. DANS at home support services are flexible and designed to offer superior, private in home care to those who need it. We can assist the elderly, disabled and anyone who requires nursing and domestic support services. 

Our experience in Wellington (NSW)

As a locally run business, we have 20+ years of experience in care management, nursing and domestic assistance. We have no lock-in contracts, and partner with you to provide the support levels you require, when you require.

Our staff are locals and consist of registered nurses and case managers. We design holistic in-home care plans to assist you or your loved ones to ensure our support is specific to your needs. Our business operates every day of the year and our approach to nursing and at home care is to make it feel like we are an extension of your immediately family. We focus on upholding independence and assisting with all aspects of your in home care needs.

The people in Wellington (NSW) that we support

We tend to service the at home care needs of three types of clients:

Those who need general nursing and supporting services

Those who require ‘transition care’ services, whereby they have recently left hospital. Our team of registered nurses can assist with wound management, dressings, domestic assistance and general nursing duties to ensure a full recovery.

Those who require aged care assistance in the home

Our job is to assist Wellington residents who require aged care. This could include palliative care, domestic assistance care through to comprehensive round the clock nursing. If you or a loved one required elderly care – DANS. has over 20 years of experience in providing exceptional care to those who are older. We believe in aging with dignity, independence and in the comfort of your own home

Those who require disability nursing and domestic support

For those who are disabled or handicapped, the team at DANS are experienced in designing independent and meaningful support systems for those with a disability. Our approach factors in both the challenges and health requirements we are assisting our clients to overcome, helping to tailor our approach to each and every individual with a disability in the Wellington area. 

How we assist clients in Wellington, NSW

Our team is comprised of registered nurses, care managers and combinations of each. This means we can adapt to your requirements, assisting with clinical nursing all the way through to organising someone to tend to your gardens.

The types of at home care services we can assist with are:

Clinical nursing services in Wellington (NSW)

This includes (but is not limited to):

Nursing care for anyone at home in Wellington

Private nursing to help you stay on top of your at home care needs. Sometimes the public system can be complicated and hard to manage; at DANS we are a private nursing organisation designed to give you the attention and time you need to ensure you or your loved ones are taken care of. We can assist with all areas of nursing, including managing pain, chronic illness associated with old age or terminal illness, along with regular monitoring of other aspects of your health. 

The assignment of a case manager

Your case manager will be assigned to holistically improve your independence and support frameworks. We assign your case manager based on your needs, personality and how you like to operate, to ensure a perfect personality fit for you or your loved ones in home care.

Transition from hospital care in Wellington

As you prepare to leave hospital, DANS can assist you with the transition process. Our nurses and care managers ensure that upon discharge, your health needs are met at home via our mobile nursing staff who can come directly to your home for regular check-ups and monitoring. 

All other types of at home support for those in Wellington (NSW)

This includes (but is not limited to):

Personal care plans

At home nursing and support services of a personal nature. Whether you require help showering, using the toilet, getting meals ready or getting dressed – DANS have a friendly and experienced team to assist with all personal care requirements. 

Gardening, housekeeping and general assistance at home

No job or ask is too small. Our general assistance can include things like housekeeping, changing bed linen, washing up, feeding pets and more. Our care managers discuss everything you need, to ensure your independence and daily needs are taken care of, allowing you to stay at home for longer.

Respite care services

Respite is a critical component to at home care. Both you or your loved one can benefit from independent time alone to have a rest from the day-to-day management of in-home care. Respite care can take many forms, ranging from an hour or two a week through to regular daily intervals.

Our local knowledge of Wellington, NSW makes it easier for you

We have local staff who have a good network of professionals to connect you with, while our case managers manage the administration and day-to-day activities you require. To learn more, simply call us on (02) 6885 6407 and we would be happy to help.