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We understand that you want the very best for your loved one. This means ensuring their safety, security and independence.

D.A.N.S. offers the premium service of 24hour livein care. This specialised service can be provided as an alternative to a residential facility.

24hour livein care is:

  • Suitable for someone who is high care and needs 24hours of care a day;
  • A careworker is available and servicing needs 24hours a day;
  • Care is provided as numerous shifts per 24hours, charged at an hourly rate;
  • Suitable for high care needs or palliative patients.

Examples of 24hour care that D.A.N.S. has provided:

Palliative patient who did not want to remain in hospital, but rather wanted to go back to the comfortable surroundings of their farm and home.
D.A.N.S. provided 24hours support care and involved the community palliative care team every step of the way. D.A.N.S. caregivers also worked under the direction of our very experienced registered nursing staff.
As the client’s condition improved, we were able to reduce the hours of care to suit the clients changing needs. Other allied health services were included in these changing requirements.

D.A.N.S. has extensive experience nursing palliative patients through all needs.
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24 Hour Home Care in NSW

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Thank you from the bottom of our heart for the daily support, care and friendship that Central West Nursing provided to my father.Remaining in his own home allowed him to live life and fulfil his interests with dignity.We are indeed fortunate to have such a wonderful support service available.

Client's Family

The Central West Nursing staff are excellent, friendly and always on time. My carer (who is the same every time) is conscientious, and has a desire to do her job properly and with pride. 

Patricia Turner