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Being a carer for a loved one with needs means that whilst extremely rewarding, your role can we stressful, demanding and sometime draining. Despite this we understand that you wouldn’t have it any other way.

You as a carer need to look after yourself and make sure that you have outlets to keep engaged with the wider community. This will allow you to be your best self when caring for your loved one as well as keeping your health and wellness.

Dubbo Area Nursing Service can provide respite for your loved one, from hourly care up to 24hr live-in care. This provides you as the carer with the opportunity to take a well-earned break, and allow D.A.N.S. to be the next best thing – provide your love one with indivualised and loving care. We treat our clients like family.


Dubbo Area Nursing Service can come into the home and relieve you of your caring role while you go out of the home to run errands, catch up with other family members and friends and even have a weekend/week away. Respite care can range from hourly respite, all the way up to 24hour live-in respite.

We will consult with you before the respite takes place and work with you on a care plan to provide specialised care for your loved one while you are away. We want the transition of our carers providing care to be as seamless as possible.


We know that social outings can be rare for some of our clients. Being involved and a part of the community can be important to lift spirits and build purpose.

Dubbo Area Nursing Service can provide one-on-one, individualised care. We can work with you or your loved one to plan outings that they will enjoy. This may include but is not limited to providing your loved one with an Individualised careplan to take them on an excursion that they enjoy;

  • Art gallery;
  • Social and community outings;
  • Drives and walks;
  • Café for a coffee;
  • Visit loved ones nearby.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart for the daily support, care and friendship that Central West Nursing provided to my father.Remaining in his own home allowed him to live life and fulfil his interests with dignity.We are indeed fortunate to have such a wonderful support service available.

Client's Family

The Central West Nursing staff are excellent, friendly and always on time. My carer (who is the same every time) is conscientious, and has a desire to do her job properly and with pride. 

Patricia Turner