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Do you need assistance with domestic chores so that you can live independently, in your home? D.A.N.S. provides a wide range of domestic services so that you can remain comfortable and well cared for in your home.
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Assisted Living Services in NSW

For those who are elderly or disabled, life can become increasingly difficult and everyday tasks that you or your loved one used to complete with ease can now become a troublesome chore.

With assisted living in NSW, D.A.N.S. can make life easier by helping with all those necessary chores that mean you or your loved one can live a comfortable life and not need to move to a nursing home.

What Assisted Living Services Do We Provide?

At D.A.N.S., we pride ourselves on providing an individualised approach to home care with our assisted living services in NSW. This is why we plan the tasks that you or your loved one may need help with our Case Manager.

It could be that you need help with keeping on top of all the washing and ironing. We can ensure you have clean clothes ready to wear by washing them when needed. For those who are aged, hanging out the laundry can be difficult and therefore we can take care of this. What’s more, we understand that you still want to look good and respectable and therefore, we can complete ironing as well.

Assisted Living that Lets You or Your Loved One Remain at Home

Managing your home can become tricky when you are elderly or disabled and it can give you much-needed peace of mind knowing that someone can come in and keep your home tidy and clean. We can keep your home dust-free and well looked after.

We can also complete any necessary vacuuming in your NSW home with our assisted living services. Vacuums can be incredibly heavy, which is why we are here to take the strain away and complete it for you.

Whatever you need us for, our assisted living services mean that is it possible to live comfortably at home. What’s more, having assisted living in your loved one’s home can also provide your relative with some much-needed company as they dutifully take care of their tasks.

Why choose D.A.N.S. Assisted Living Services?

At D.A.N.S, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible care with friendly and compassionate staff who care about those they work with. All our staff are highly trained, which allows them to provide you or your loved one with the best possible services that make your life comfortable.

We have been serving the community for 20 years, and as such, we have become a trusted name with many recommendations from health professionals and friends and family. We would love to help you too and allow you or your loved one to remain happily at home.

With no set contracts, and various packages to choose from, you can use our services as much or as little as you choose, whether for short-term use or on-going support. As time goes on, you also know you have a company that you can trust to provide more care if it is needed.

If you are living in NSW and could benefit from assisted living, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can give you or your loved one the right support and allow them to remain in the familiar surroundings of home.
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Your Case Manager will assist you in deciding what tasks you need done. Our domestic care services include:

  • Cleaning
  • Washing and hanging out laundry
  • Vacuuming
  • Ironing
  • And much more

D.A.N.S. professional and friendly staff members will come to your home to assist you with any home care needs. Call us and speak with a Case Manager now about our services on (02) 6885 6407.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart for the daily support, care and friendship that Central West Nursing provided to my father.Remaining in his own home allowed him to live life and fulfil his interests with dignity.We are indeed fortunate to have such a wonderful support service available.

Client's Family

The Central West Nursing staff are excellent, friendly and always on time. My carer (who is the same every time) is conscientious, and has a desire to do her job properly and with pride. 

Patricia Turner